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Paiute ATV Trail Information



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Koosharem to Salina
The riding time from Koosharem to Salina is about three and a quarter hours. Intermediate times for this portion of the trail are as follows:

Approximate Section Time

Koosharem to Rex Reservoir -------------------- 1.75 hrs
Rex Reservoir to Soldier Canyon Junction --- 0.75 hr
Soldier Canyon Junction to Salina --------------- 0.75 hr

The Koosharem to Salina segment is the low elevation leg of the Paiute ATV Trail. With the highest elevation about 7,650 feet. Starting out at about 6,950 feet at Koosharem the trail rises to nearly 7,200 feet on the rid north of Burrville. Plateau Valley is at about 7,000 feet. Then the trail rises to 7,640 feet at Coonah Bench before descending to 7,220 feet at Rex Reservoir. The divide between Rex Reservoir and Soldier Canyon is at 7,650 feet then the trail descends to 6,500 feet where it joins Soldier Canyon and finally reaches Salina at 5,160 feet.

This leg of the Paiute ATV Trail is great for spring and riding, when the weather is cool and access to the high country might be closed by snow. The relatively low elevations make this leg warm in summer. Koosharem and Rex Reservoirs provide fishing opportunities along the way.

From Koosharem to Burrville the trail runs along farm roads between alfalfa fields. After crossing Otter Creek part of the Sevier River system, it runs along the foothill of the Praetor Slopes, providing a view of Grass Valley below.

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