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Paiute ATV Trail Information



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The eastern front of an ancient mountain range runs down the center of today's Pahvant Range. West of this front, the rocks are limestone, quartzite, sandstone, and shells deposited below sea level in a gradually deepening ocean basin called a geo syncline. Compressive forces of continental collision thrust huge sheets of this sedimentary sequence up and over other sheets to form high mountain ranges. East of this front, the rocks are conglomerates, sandstone, and shells shed from these ancient mountains and deposited at their base. Because this debris was deposited on land, much of it is red and yellow, in contrast to the drab grays and tans of the marine deposits on the west side of the Pahvant Range.

Shortly after reaching the ridge top, the trail passes the intersection of the Bear Hollow Road, Forest Road 100, which is the northern leg of the Fillmore Loop. A comfort station is available here. From the high point south of the Bear Hollow road southward to White Pine Peak the trail alternates between open sage meadows and cool groves of aspen, spruce, and fir Since the ridge top is fairly narrow, there are sweeping panoramas from the meadows. Here one can see all the mountain ranges traversed by the Paiute ATV Trail. A short distance south of White Pine Peak the main trail intersects the southern leg of Fillmore Loop, known as the Sand Rock Ridge Road, Forest Road 103.

After a sharp turn to the east, the trail enters the valley of Deer Creek. A good road here makes for easy traveling past open meadows interspersed with clumps of aspen. Farther down the valley clumps of mountain mahogany, a wood so dense that it won't float, dot the dry hillsides. Redview Guard Station, located southwest of the trail, is a remnant of times when travel was slow and difficult, forcing rangers to remain in the mountains to accomplish their work.

The reaching of the junction of Forest Road 096 with Forest Road 111 completes the loop of the Paiute ATV Trail. Those going to Richfield continue on Road 096 to the east. The road into Richfield is smooth in places and rough in others, in either case, it is very slippery when wet. This side loop of the Paiute Trail passes beside weirdly sculptured red rocks and offers fantastic views to the south into Flat Canyon. There is mountain mahogany on the side slopes and aspen in the bottoms until the trail drops down into the pinyon and juniper. After crossing Little Valley, the trail rises to a ridge where there are spectacular views of the Sevier Valley to the east and Dairy and Flat Canyons to the south. Interlayered red and-white rocks contrast dramatically with the green vegetation along the Sevier River.

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