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Paiute ATV Trail Information




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Certain questions about travel on the Paiute ATV Trail are common in the minds of those planning a trip, and who are not familiar with central Utah. Some people are afraid their questions would be considered "silly" so they don't ask. But many have asked the same ones in the past, and no concern that could make a trip more comfortable and enjoyable is silly. Here is information relating to questions others have asked.

Some visitors are astonished at the massive nature of the trail system and the remoteness of some of the areas along the trail. Because of this some have expressed real concern about encountering wildlife, particularly bears and mountain lions, along the trail. Though there are some of these animals, they are extremely wary of humans, unless they are protecting their young. Without guides and dogs, your chances of seeing a bear or lion would be extremely small and should not be a concern. Many locals who spend much of their time in the mountains would love to sight either animal.

Other species of wildlife, however, are more common and encountering these can significantly enhance the experience of the Paiute Trail. Mule deer are common to the area and can be seen on any part of the trail, particularly at dusk. The Fishlake National Forest is also home to large herds of elk. At times the deer will stand and watch you long enough for you to get your camera out for pictures. Elk are more wary, so when you spot them it's best to already have the camera ready. To view or photograph these animals, stop your ATV but leave the engine running and remain on the vehicle. Some animals will be curious and may watch you for several minutes. However, changes in sound or sudden movement will startle the animals. Chasing wildlife is illegal because it stresses them which could lead to their death.

The area around the Paiute Trail is a popular wintering area for both golden and bald eagles. Some remain yearlong so you may see one of these majestic birds as you travel along the trail. There is a herd of moose in the Fishlake Basin. These animals wander quite widely so you might get a rare chance to see one on the northeast part of the trail.

Other animals often seen along the trail include coyotes, ground squirrels, chipmunks, and numerous species of song birds. The best way to shoot them is with a telephoto lens on a 35 millimeter camera. Above all do not harass the wildlife. Remember this is their habitat and you are only a visitor

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