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Paiute ATV Trail Information





The State of Utah and local towns have laws regulating ATV use. These laws are intended to provide for the orderly and safe use of ATV's while protecting people, property, and the environment. Please follow them so the privilege of ATVing will not be revoked by the State or the Federal agencies primarily responsible for managing the Paiute ATV Trail.

Before you arrive you need to know that ATV's owned by residents of Utah must be registered yearly with the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation. Residents of other states may keep their ATV's in Utah for 14 days without registering them, so long as the ATV's are properly licensed or registered in the home state.

You may operate your ATV on public lands or roads that are either signed or otherwise designated as open by the managing agency. The Fishlake National Forest publishes a travel map which designates Forest areas that are open, restricted, or closed to motorized travel. Copies of the most recent edition of this map can be obtained from the Forest at the address listed below. For private land, you must obtain the owner's permission before leaving any right-of-way.

The State of Utah recognizes three age classes with respect to driving ATV's. No one under eight years old may operate an ATV on public roads, trails, or lands. Drivers ages eight through sixteen years old must possess an OHV (Off Highway Vehicle) education certificate issued by the Utah Division of Parks and Recreation. Drivers in this age bracket also must wear a helmet and be accompanied and supervised by an adult driving an ATV. The legal driving age in Utah is sixteen. ATV drivers sixteen and older must possess a valid drivers license or an OHV education certificate.

Education certificates are issued to anyone eight years or older who completes the Utah Department of Parks and Recreation OHV education course or passes an OHV knowledge and skills test. The Division of Parks and Recreation can be contacted at the locations listed below. This course is highly recommended for anyone, regardless of age, wishing to ride an ATV. It will show you the capabilities and limitations of your machine and will teach the importance of "treading lightly".

Towns around the Paiute ATV Trail are unique in that they have written ordinances permitting ATV travel on their streets so recreationists can access needed supplies and services. These ordinances designate which streets are open to ATV travel and under what conditions. Streets open to ATV's are signed in the towns, and are shown on the Paiute ATV Trail map published by Trails Illustrated for the Fishlake Discovery Association. The towns also allow travel on other streets when the rider is going directly to a motel, service station, restaurant, or residence.

In towns the speed limit for ATV's is 10 miles per hour All drivers must wear helmets. ATV's must be equipped with mufflers to prevent sparks which might start fires and to prevent the disturbance of others. ATV's must stop at all stop and yield signs and must travel with headlights on. Operators must travel on the right-hand side of the road in single file.

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