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Paiute ATV Trail Information



In Front of you on the right side of the road (north) are the charred remains of a log cabin that served as Bullion City's school and meeting house.  Josiah Gibbs, a noted Utah journalist, is said to have lodged here around 1900.  It was in this cabin that Gibbs wrote a controversial book called the Lights and Shadows of Mormonism.

In the spring of 1994, the building was found to have burned to the ground.  Evidence found in the ashes suggests that the burning of the cabin was person-caused either by intention or carelessness.

Turn to your left and look across the road.  These foundations are said to have supported an ore bin belonging to the Deseret Mine.  From the walls continue to turn to your left until you are facing slightly downhill.  Look closely and in the grass just above the road, you will see a graded surface that was the bed for the railroad that carried gold ore from the mines in the area to the Dalton Mill.  The sleepers and rails are gone but the grade can be followed to the mill site (stop 4)  One of the cars that ran along this grade is on display at the Miners' Park (stop 9). 

Photo Courtesy Brigham Young University

Stop 8 is 2.25 miles past the trailhead
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