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July 24th is a big day in the State of Utah and Marysvale celebrates it in an even BIGGER way! Celebrating Utah's Pioneer Heritage.

The events are organized and sponsored by the Marysvale Fireman's Club. This year will mark the 103rd anniversary of the Marysvale Park and Race Track, imagine 103 years and the Marysvale Celebrations are still going strong!

The fun begins July 22nd with a dinner sponsored by the Marysvale Boy Scouts of America at 6;00pm at the Marysvale Park Pavilion.  Cost is by donation so come help with this fund raiser for the boys.

Then come dance to the live band in the Marysvale Dance Hall (July 22nd 9:00pm this year).  One of the few remaining old time open air dance halls, with a live band. Food and Non-Alcoholic Beverages will be available.
Note: The preceding Dance is still pending. We will let you know if it is canceled.

Monday morning, July 24th at 10:00, is the main street parade, complete with floats, fire engines, kiddy parade, sirens, horses, buggies, wagons, bicycles, clowns, candy toss, and the veterans marching. You name it we got it!

Follow that, at 11:00 in the city park, with kids games, foot races, sack races, fishing ponds, dunking booths, balloon toss, dart toss Face painting and other midway games. FOOD and more FOOD!  Hotdogs, Hamburgers, ice cold drinks, ice cream, and more.

Then at 1:00 the rodeo begins. This is no small rodeo folks, this is the real thing. Bull busting, Bronco riding, calf roping, steer wrestling fun for all ages.  Did we mention there was FOOD and DRINK?

Following the rodeo is the world famous Marysvale fish roundup.  Imagine if you will, 100+ kids ages 1 to 14 in a pool only 6 inches deep and 200 feet square, then turn loose 100 or more rainbow trout into that pool and let the roundup begin!  Oh did I mention the 3 or 4 guys in the pool with water hoses to keep the kids and fish, shall we say stirred up and WET!  But be warned, a few onlookers have been known to get a bit "damp" in the process.  (Please take extreme care with camera and electronic equipment as they WILL get WET if you're not careful!).


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